Alliance Removals offers a dedicated local service to those moving into, out of or even just around Horsham in West Sussex. As an historic market town, Horsham continues to thrive today, with plenty to offer those coming into the area and many reasons why many locals – both residents and businesses – choose to stay in the Horsham area. However, if you’re relocating over a wider distance, we also offer UK-wide and European removal services.


We help to make arrangements simple and stress-free right from the start. Our home visits are the perfect way to:

  • Tell us what you need. Whether if it’s early days in your moving plans or a last-minute move, we can visit you promptly (even at short notice) to listen to what you need and provide you with a detailed assessment of how we can meet your needs.
  • Obtain a free, no-obligation quote for our professional removals service.
  • Find out more about the full range of services we offer to help you achieve a smooth move.
  • Be completely sure nothing’s left out at the planning stage. We’ve plenty of experience in accurately appraising homes to give an approximation of how many boxes, trained removal personnel and vans you will need. We’ll do the calculations for you and take full responsibility for getting it right – no need to worry about not having enough of anything at the last minute!


There are several reasons why many of our clients need secure storage for their items – from difficult chains, to waiting for a new-build to be completed, to enjoying a few travels before moving on to your next home. Happily, this is another professional service that we are happy to offer, which means you’ll only have to deal with one company to organise all aspects of your move.

Horsham clients regularly make use of our fully secure storage facility at nearby Storrington. We offer clean, dry storage as well as the latest in alarm technology and CCTV surveillance to keep your items safe whilst they are with us. We offer short and long-term storage facilities, with contracts which are tailored to suit your needs and with timings to suit you. This service also includes delivering your possessions to you when you are ready for them, throughout the UK and Europe.


Whether you need residential or business removals, co-ordinating a move is stressful enough so here at Alliance Removals we aim to make things as easy as possible by offering complete flexibility across all our services, including those packing arrangements:

  • Choose the parts of the job you want us to do and which you want to do yourself… or leave it all to us. Many clients like to cut costs by doing their own packing, but ask us to handle the removals side of things. We are more than happy to do this and can quote you for either option (or both) to help you make an informed choice.
  • Whether we’re doing the packing or you are, we can supply packing materials at highly competitive prices. Our packing page offers more details of our affordable pricing.
  • Our complete, professional removal service includes packing everything for your whole household or business. Your valuables will be in safe hands throughout the whole packing and removal process (and we can even help out at the other end too, as needed).


Alliance Removals offer a cost-effective small move or part load option for those clients who need professional help for a less urgent move. The scheme is simple: we consolidate several small loads for a selection of clients, which cuts the number of personnel and vans per move. We then pass the savings of this cost on to you, so that you have the full security and peace of mind of a professional service, planned to suit you, but at significantly less cost. If time’s not the priority but costs are, contact us to find out more about how our small move service could help your moving budget!

In fact, if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch with us. Remember, we’re happy to offer a flexible service that fits your needs, so just ask Alliance Removals.